10:45 am — Friday, Oct. 7

Church Planting

Scott Free

“Unified, not Uniformed”

How to draw and discipline racially, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse people to live out missional church and cause kingdom multiplication. How can we see different people come together with a united heart and mission that impacts the inner city and beyond.

Music & Business

Lamar Riddick

“Indie Artist Camp”

Indie Artist Camp is a hands on Music Business/ Entrepreneur Workshop that provides hands-on strategies, resources and networking techniques to help Artists build their own platform.


Myron Pierce

“Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”

Entrepreneurship is the new urban apologetic. Discover ways to leverage entrepreneurship as in inroad to urban communities. You will learn the mechanics of building an entrepreneurial ecosystem that theirs and helps people take their next best step.

Women’s Track

Dr. Veirdre Jackson

“Don’t Waste Your Yes!”

Legacy is our responsibility.

Crossover Track

Loriana & Pastor Christopher

“Pivoting to Thrive”

Crossover is known for its impact into the arts and for being a relational and fun church. Come glean from Staff on the systems, mindsets, and methods of what has allowed Crossover to balance discipleship and DJs, outreach and inreach. More importantly, we will talk about how we made the pivot to thrive during the pandemic and what a post-pandemic church may look like.

Teen Track

Melody Fabian

“There’s Only One”

In a world where there are many voices coming at us, how do we listen for God‘s voice?

How can you tell if you’re believing a lie versus the truth? — find out how to hear His Voice.

Next Gen Track

Karmiña Phaire

“Not ‘Churchy’ ✋🚫”

In our quest to not be “churchy”, are we forgetting to have church? 
In this workshop we will redefine the word “churchy” while exploring how getting churchy in youth ministry may not be as bad as some may think. 


1:30 pm — Friday, Oct. 7

Church Planting

Michael Carrion


Music & Business

Peter López

“How NFTs are Disrupting the Publishing Industry”

The entrepreneurial industry has been the first to truly see the innovative and disruptive potential within the NFT marketplace. Hear how business have taken to this industry where books collides with book publishing, real estate, music, and art.


Neidy Marrero

“How to Connect with Your Audience”

Social media is ever changing and evolving. Let’s discover how to make an authentic connection with your audience to grow your social media reach.

Womens Track

Lucy Kyllonen

“Life Changing Leadership”

Are things happening to you that you never imagined would happen to you? Are you tired of leading the very people God has called you to lead? At your inner core, do you believe there has to be more to life in leadership than what you are experiencing? Are you interested in strengthening the soul of your leadership in the places where you reed it most? Consider this an invitation to enter more deeply into the process of spiritual authenticity and health. This is an opportunity to grasp God’s loving grace over the tension of being His beloved daughter with limits and imperfections.

Crossover Track

Darnel Butler

“Crossover Production & Creative Arts”

Crossover Church is driven by its creativity! From Broadway style Christmas Productions to Flavor Fest to Sunday Services and more. This workshop will talk about all the creativity that goes into making an epic experience come to life. We will look at the arts and the technical aspects of how we do it all.

Next Gen Track

Marty White

“Engaging a generation. How to make your children’s ministry more effective.”

It’s time to get real about Kid’s Ministry. What should be one of the most vital, powerful ministries in the church can often feel like glorified babysitting. What real impact are you having on them? Do your kids really want to be there or are they just there because their parents brought them? Revitalize your children’s ministry with new principles, ideas and a whole new way of thinking about what kid’s ministry is and what it can be!

10:45 am — Saturday, Oct. 8

Church Planting

Da Truth


Music & Business

Doc Watson

“How to Pitch Your Music on Spotify and have Healthy Digital Growth”

Playlists have become one of the main ways to get noticed, build followers and grow your streams. This session will share the best current ways to pitch your music to get on the playlists that matter. Doc Watson, of RMG Music Group, will also share the latest techniques to experience healthy digital growth.


Devonne Stokes


Womens Track

Vanessa Cruz

“The Word, Warfare and Trauma”

Learn how your childhood relational experience affects how you connect, love, and lead.

Crossover Track

Pastor Tommy Kyllonen

“Systems to help Your People & Your Church Grow”

Typically, urban churches struggle to create effective systems. As a result, many broken people can fall through the cracks. In this workshop, Tommy will share lessons learned and creative ways to establish effective systems that have helped Crossover grow during the pandemic. This includes follow up for new guests, new givers, and how they’ve grown membership by hundreds that has helped scale outreach efforts and Love Our City.

Teen Track

Maddie Rey


Next Gen Track

Phil Jackson