Tampa Only

Deadline is March 15


We want to see you succeed

As you might already know… Flavor Fest has helped artists like you get recognized, and/or grow their audience, by creating an opportunity to join the stage with featured artists — ministering in one accord from the same platform.
Read the “Important” section and then follow the steps below. You could be selected to be part of our renowned Flavor Fest Concert Nights!
a. Submission DOES NOT guarantee selection, but it does secure your admission (Qty. 1) to the Flavor Fest Conference (general sessions, workshops, and more).
b. Selection DOES NOT include travel expenses, honorarium or merch/vendor spot.
c. You will receive an email confirmation of our decision upon completion of the selection process.
Flavor Fest encourages you to be part of our event and get poured into as you minister to and serve others!

1. Purchase Conference Pass

2. Artist Submission Form

Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the form.

Checklist of Requirements

  1. Music links (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.)


Artist are selected from only via their conference ticket purchase. Registration is required in order to be considered.

Refunds are not given as conference ticket purchase is required to submit. If not selected, conference attendance is still valid and encouraged.

This is a christian music festival. Integrity, lifestyle, and skill is important to us as we curate our shows and hand select each artist.

Family will be able attend but must purchase a conference or concert ticket.

We can consider your song selection but if there’s a song we feel would best fit our event we may require you to perform it. We highly encourage you to submit songs you’d want to be selected.

Although we love your enthusiasm, no. 

Flavor Fest Concerts exist to help give indie artists a chance to grace the stage with renown artist. There’s a balance between the two. We select several artists for each night, none of which perform at both concerts.

As you can see above, we require a few things when submitting for a chance to perform. This helps us not only make a decision on good music, but a godly lifestyle and good ethics.

This is a very serious and important part of our process to ensure those selected to perform align with our values! 

The only location open to artist submission is Tampa, FL.

The summits are closed to and not available for submissions.

Performance times are 5 min. This can either be a single track or a compilation of songs.

Tables are reserved for sponsors but artists will have the option to purchase a private table closer to the event, if available.

Night selections will be based on need.

Entourage can attend however they will not have backstage access. Backstage is reserved for the selected artist only. Each entourage member will need to purchase either a conference or concert ticket.

Entourage will be reunited with artist immediately prior to their performance.

There will be no soundcheck available.