Flavor Fest 2022


Urban Leadership &
Church Planting Summit

In partnership with

Light & Life Christian Fellowship |  5951 Downey Ave. Long Beach, CA

Friday May 5

Pre-Summit Workshops


Church Planting & Revitalization:

Speaker: Chris Lewis

Title:Reviving a Dying Church


Next Gen. Leadership: 

Speaker: Abe Cho (Host: Sean Fenner)

Title:How People Change

Description: A Practical Framework for Authentic Change 

The gospel changes everything. Yet we can often feel discouraged with what feels like a lack of change in our own lives and the lives of those around us. In this seminar, Pastor Abe Cho will draw on 20+ years of pastoral ministry experience to equip you with a practical and biblical model for cultivating deep, grace-driven change. In your own heart and in the hearts of others.


Worship Leaders: 

Speaker: Daniel “DK” Kim

Tiltle: Worship Leader Manifesto 

Descrption: Come learn from DK’s heart and his 20 years of worship-leading experience. You and your worship team will be encouraged, inspired, and gain solid tools for your calling…


Roundtable: Planting in Tough Places

Speaker: Mark Rodriguez (Benny Amaya and Eric Vasquez)