HOUSTON Schedule

Saturday, July 15

Church Innovation

Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen

“Innovative Systems To Help Your People & Your Church Grow Post-Pandemic”

Typically, urban churches struggle to create effective systems. As a result, many broken people can fall through the cracks. In this workshop, Tommy will share lessons learned and creative ways to establish effective systems that have helped Crossover grow even during the pandemic. This includes creative follow-up for new guests, new givers, and how they’ve grown membership by hundreds that has helped scale outreach efforts and Love Our City.

Church Leadership

Mike Rosas

You were created for Purpose. Your life has meaning. You are not an accident or here on accident. Once you find your purpose you begin to live the life you were meant to live.

We want to help you identify your individual purpose for life and then help you construct a plan that will give you the steps and action plan to make that dream come to life.

Artists Track

Chris Chicago 

Management & Radio

“Christian Hip-Hop: From the Studio to the Airwaves” is a comprehensive workshop designed to empower Christian Hip-Hop artists to navigate the complex landscape of Christian radio. In this engaging session, we delve into the relevance of radio in today’s music scene, introduce you to key stations championing Christian Hip-Hop, and analyze the current state of the charts. The workshop also provides actionable strategies for releasing and promoting your single, ensuring your music reaches the right ears.


devonne stokes

“Tools To Help Entrepreneurs Win”

This session will equip you with new tools to develop an action plan to implement and execute your vision. Devonne is passionate about systems. This has empowered him to own multiple companies and lead Crossover Church’s Entrepreneur Ministry to equip  leaders to infuse Kingdom impact in their businesses.

Outreach Track


This workshop will be led by Bobby “Tre9” Herring who released his first Christian hip hop recording in 1996. Since then, Tre has evolved into the founder/visionary of a disciple-making non-profit organization (Eyes On Me Inc) that has served communities across Houston for the last 15 years. He will share principles, methods and best practices that has led to community transformation in under-served areas. Whether you are an artist seeking to go beyond the mic, a ministry leader or simply a Christ-centered individual seeking change in a community, this workshop will help you get there.
Visit www.eyesonmeinc.com
for more information about Eyes In Me Inc.

REFUEL Youth Worker Track, (hosted by UYWI & DVULI)

 Tommy Nixon

New Leadership for a New World

Taught by Tommy Nixon
Combining his years of experience running the non-profit, Solidarity, and his current role as Chief Executive Officer at Urban Youth Workers Institute, Tommy Nixon will lead a workshop based on his forthcoming book on leadership. This workshop will help individuals in various areas of leadership discover God’s plan for successful leadership and how to navigate the pitfalls of ministry growth, all while leading and reaching the next generation.

Saturday, July 15


Andre Beraud

How To Build Your  Community

Learn how Yes to Real Estate has built a strong real estate brand through a commitment to building relationships and social proof through social media content, events and giving back to the community.

Church Leadership

Janna Hurd

“The Church and the Financial Well-Being of Christians”

Churches have great opportunities to help Christians make the most of all they’ve been given, but many leaders aren’t sure where to start when it comes to providing financial guidance. In this free workshop, explore Christians’ financial needs and actions you as a leader can take to promote financial well-being among the people and communities you serve.


Fred Lynch, P.I.D. & Datin

The Long-Haul of Artistry & Impact with Fred Lynch, P.I.D. & Datin

How can you make an impact on your generation and generations to come? Is your vision bigger than the latest trends that temporarily catch the fleeting attention of the masses? In this workshop we will dig into the mechanics of relevancy, longevity, and legacy for us “artsy fartsy folk” and keep the fire burning for the long haul.

REFUEL Youth Worker Track, (hosted by UYWI & DVULI)

Will Cumby

Kingdom Co-Labs

Taught by Will Cumby
Will has a passion for connecting leaders and building collaborative events. This session will teach the mechanics of community partnership and asset mapping. There are pockets of resources in your community with everything you need to serve and empower your youth. Using the book, Rooting for Rivals, we will work through a strategic plan for community success led by your youth.

Outreach Track


“Biblical Secrets to Effective Evangelism”