to Flavor Fest 2022

Below are some updates you wont want to miss!

Registration opens at 3pm

Ladies Lunch

Saturday Oct 8th @12pm for Women in Ministry

We have a special private luncheon for you, hosted by Pastor Lucy & Pastor Annette, at the Jerk Hut. This lunch is included in your registration.

SIGN UP for your lunch experience!

Behind the Scenes

Friday Oct 7th @12pm

If you want a behind the scenes look at how Crossover executes our services, you can get the full behind the scenes tour during lunch. This is a one-on-one tour with the worship and creative arts director of the Podcast Studio, Recording Studio, Media Team, LED , Lighting & More!

Love Our City

Saturday Oct 9th at 1:30pm (after lunch)

You’re invited to LOVE OUR CITY with us during Flavor Fest! This is a time we serve our community with laundry, pay it forward, groceries, prayer & water giveaway & more!

Meet us in the auditorium for instructions.

Crossover Church

Flavor Fest location

1235 E. Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL 33612