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24 Hour Team Rap Guinness World Record

KJ-52 and his team currently hold the longest Team Freestyle for 12 hours and 2 minutes that was broken at Crossover Church in 2014. That category is now “rested” so that record will forever be held.. but Guinness now has a new category called “Team Rap Marathon”- where you can freestyle and/or rap written verses/songs.

If you can rhyme and you use your gifts for Christ – you can potentially be part of this history making event where we will show UNITY in the Christian Hip – Hop community with dozens of MC’s coming together as a TEAM to rap for 24 hours straight.

Email us a song to and if you are selected we will send you a link where you can pick what 30 minute slot you want to fill in the 24 hours. 


Where is this event going to happen? 

At the Flavor Fest Conference at Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida on Friday October 5th – Saturday Oct. 6th. It will start Friday evening during the opening concert and it will end on Saturday evening during the closing concert.

Will you take care of my travel to get there?

No, you are responsible for all of your travel and expenses. 

Do I get into Flavor Fest for Free?

We will give you a special 50% off discount off of the conference registration if you are chosen. The conference registration includes all access to the conference, both festival concerts, lunch both days, a Fest T-Shirt and resource bag. This will also let us know you are really coming.

How long do I have to rap for?

We need you to be able to rap or freestyle (or a combination of both) for 30 minutes. Think of it like doing a set at a concert.

Will there be music to rap to or freestyle to?

Yes, we will have music and there will be a variety of ways that you’ll be provided with topics, objects and games to help you during your freestyle.

Will it be streamed?

Yes, will be streaming the freestyle event.


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